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Feel free to set your billing address, delivery address and so on with us. You can also have your own wishlist and tags. 


About us

@ lyncaCare, we believe make up as a dressing fashion that can make every ladies beautiful and unique regardless of races, nationalities and skin tone without damaging our skin. We developed long-lasting and quality flagship product Mineral True Colors (MTC) that is made by noncomedogenic mineral gentle on the skin. Mineral powder does not contain binder/preservaties (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmetics#Mineral) could be beneficial to the skin with its natural calming effects.. Read more...


What lyncaCare customers say...

" Lynca Care Color Fever Product arrived swiftly in good condition. I was pleasantly surprised that although the product retails at S$ 29.00, Luxola charged me for only S$ 23.20 (with 20% discount) and free shipping in Singapore. For a start, i applie "


" Lynca Care - Gold Bronze I got this one to choke up the amount in order to qualify for a discount. But it turns out to be the one purchase that i am most delighted about. The gold is really shimmery and glitters under light. A little dab on the middle "


" Great product This mineral eyeshadow is truly a great product. It is highly pigmented and lasts all day. I use it on my eyes as well as my lips. It is easy to blend and the colour is so vibrant and rich. It really makes your eyes stand out. "


" True Colors, Demonic Beautiful green like forest. Just a little dab will do, swap across the lid or press onto the lid also can. Use it as a base as the underlying color; put a dot in the middle of the eye to make the eye pop! "


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